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Clinton High School students have loved

Senior Pictures by Denis Harsh since the ‘70s!

The short little drive from Clinton Illinois to our Bloomington Photography Studio has been something that students have looked forward to like a reward for achieving the status of having arrived upon their senior year, and Amber was no exception. To make the experience more memorable, Amber brought her mom and little sister along with her, as well as to help her carry many, many outfits for her session.

Amber had lots of fun when she came in for her Senior Portraits. To start with, her date was right after that horrendous heat wave, and we had an absolutely beautiful day. Very well prepared, Amber arrived with a plethora of outfits, and had a great time changing into so many for her Senior Portraits. Seniors love our unlimited number of outfits, and we photographed Amber in at least 10 or 12 different looks.

The convenience of our studio dressing room made this all so easy, so we began in the studio. We started with her Prom dress, in which Amber looked absolutely stunning. She looked so gorgeous, it was difficult to stop photographing. Acting in many school plays at Clinton High School has been a favorite extra curricular activity for this fine young lady. So, she brought a couple theatrical masks, which she had worn in various plays for us to incorporate in some of her senior portraits, which we gladly included.

Then, once she changed into her Clinton Maroons Track uniform, this girl was all business. Amber is a three sport athlete at Clinton High School, participating on the Track, the Basketball and the girls Cross Country teams. Amber brought a basketball to be photographed with her basketball uniform. She brought a set of starting blocks from the track team and a baton that the girls relay team uses when running relay events, in which Amber competes. She brought her running shoes for photographing her with her Clinton Cross Country team uniform. This girl was well prepared, and I was sure to get some senior pictures that included every outfit plus the sports accessories. After photography in her team jerseys and uniforms, Amber tried a couple of casual outfits in the studio. This included a really cool green hoodie that had ‘California’ written down one sleeve. Another casual outfit she wore was a pair of plaid shorts with a light blue shirt. Together, we photographed a lot of poses for her to choose from.

Next, we headed to the park just blocks from our Bloomington photography studio for some outdoor portraits on that beautiful sunny day. Amber was again very well prepared, with several outfits picked out especially for the outdoors, along with the various shoes, accessories and of course her shades. We began with her in a pair of denim cropped shorts and a really cute tank top that was light blue with wide dark blue horizontal stripes. It was very cool looking and really showed off Amber’s nice suntan. Then, she changed into a beautiful red and white floral strapless sundress, which also showed off her suntan. I took a number of portraits of her in it by an angled tree and also in between some tree branches.

Still at the park, Amber changed into a pair of white cropped shorts and a really cute spaghetti strap top that was bright orange with white floral patterns for some more pictures. The top and the white shorts really showed off Amber’s suntan, especially her tan legs. Amber has the svelte athletic figure of a track and cross-country star, and looks fabulous in cropped shorts, a track uniform, or a classy long dress. She can wear them all and looks stunning in every one.

After the park we went to downtown Bloomington for some casual portraits with a chic urban style. We walked down some funky old alleys and took some more portraits, and then we walked over to some downtown storefronts for more settings. We walked over much of the downtown Bloomington area and we both had fun picking out interesting places for settings and backgrounds. The last place that we stopped was the old McLean County courthouse, which is now known as the McLean County Museum of History. First we took some senior portraits in the white cropped shorts and cute bright orange and white floral spaghetti strap top that Amber already had on, then I had her go change into the last outfit that she wanted to try, a pair of white shorts and a blue sleeveless top with a pretty design on it. I am glad Amber brought many outfits to add a lot of variety to her Senior Portrait Sessions.

Hope you are happy with how we captured you, Amber, and I hope your senior year is fabulous, as well as your future plans to attend Illinois Wesleyan University here in Bloomington. I hope you will call us the day you get engaged!

If you or someone you know will be a senior, they can have great senior portraits too, just like Amber. Have them work on their tan and call us to book their senior portrait session. We have had high school students come to our portrait studio in Bloomington for senior portraits from Clinton in DeWitt County (like Amber did), Pontiac, Fairbury and Flanagan in Livingston County, and every high school in McLean County. At our photography studio in Bloomington we have photographed tens of thousands of high school and college senior pictures. Seniors love us because we make them look so good. Give someone you love a portrait by Denis Photographers.

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