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We are one of the most trusted photography studios in Illinois, serving clients in Bloomington Normal IL, Peoria IL, Champaign Urbana IL, Allerton Park near Mahomet IL, Clinton IL, Pontiac IL, Lincoln IL, Starved Rock State Park near Utica IL, LaSalle Peru IL, Eureka IL, Morton IL, Ottawa IL, Decatur IL, Springfield IL, Rockford IL, Naperville IL and Chicago. Our specialties include, but are not limited to, senior pictures, family portraits, children’s portraits and wedding photography. Most of our clients are the girl or family next door, even though we have photographed weddings for NFL Quarterbacks, MLB Pitchers, NASA Rocket Scientists, Senators and Official Portraits for University Presidents. Denis Photographers is a real portrait photography studio, properly zoned for business, where you can stop in to visit us and check us out. Let us create the best photographs that you have ever had taken.


Wedding Photography became our first specialty when Denis photographed his first wedding in Normal back in January of 1967 and his second wedding in Bloomington that same evening. Since then, Denis and his hand picked staff have been chosen not only as a Central Illinois wedding photographer, but have been chosen for a good number of Chicago weddings and traveled for weddings in Rockford and St. Charles IL as well as St. Charles MO and O’Fallon MO in the St. Louis area, and Indiana. The majority of our weddings have of course been in Bloomington, Normal, Champaign, Urbana, Decatur, Clinton, Lincoln and Pontiac as well as most of the smaller towns in Central Illinois. We have acquired a top reputation with the hard to beat experience of having photographed approximately 3,000 weddings, and we are still going strong.

Never fear, we will not photograph your wedding the same way that we did your parent’s wedding, and the contemporary images on this website should be a testament to that. Some bridesmaids have said they liked how “organic” the style was in which we were arranging everyone. Brides have said they never expected to be able to have pictures like ours in a small town like Bloomington. Parents, who of course have experienced weddings before, have said they have never seen wedding pictures like ours. Plus many, many we talk with have simply said ours are the best in wedding photography they have ever seen.

Check out some of the testimonials on our review page and see for yourself.


Senior Portraits is what we have been known for as much as our weddings, if not more so. Our studio has been known as the “go to” place for those who want really creative senior pictures.

Seniors really like coming in to our studio where they have the convenience and privacy of changing into their different outfits in our dressing rooms. They also appreciate our experienced advice in choosing which outfits will look best in front of the camera. In addition, many will bring curlers or a curling iron to plug in for styling their hair, or a special lighted mirror to use for applying their makeup.

Then most important is our photography, which makes a senior look so great. Lighting is one of our strong skills, and Denis is great at using light to accentuate each student’s best features, and using shadows to minimize anything that may be less desirable. Equally important is the ability Denis has to ‘unpose’ people and put them into positions that feel natural and relaxed instead of stiff. Countless times mothers have come into our camera room with their young senior and told them to “sit up straight”. But Denis will respond with “no, no, no, go ahead and slouch; get comfortable”. Boy, do the moms ever have a puzzled look on their faces when they hear him say that!

This blends in with what may be our best senior client benefit, or at least one of our best. When it comes to high school seniors, one thing for certain is that they neither are NOT professional models nor are they professional actors. Most people are very, very nervous when it comes to being in front of a camera when it is pointing at them, and high school seniors are no exception. Sure, some people may clown around or show off, but it’s only a cover up to hide the intrinsic nervousness and the fear of how others are going to view them. Some have previously said that getting their picture taken is worse than going to a dentist or another harrowing experience. But, Denis has an innate ability to make his subjects relax, feel good in his presence, and capture their very best, natural expressions. Seniors have said to us “I actually enjoyed myself”. Another senior said, “I even laughed”. One mother said, “I don’t know how you did it. He will never smile for pictures, and somehow you got that s*^t eatin’ grin of his!” Other moms have said, “I can’t believe the ability you have to capture a good expression on their faces!”

Isn’t THIS what is most important in photographic portraiture, capturing the subject at their very best? Rarely does it “just happen”. It must be cultivated and brought out of each subject then skillfully captured. It is certainly a huge challenge that comes with a big potential for failure. But it is a challenge we look forward to and welcome with every client.

But do not just take our word for it, see what past seniors have said about our studio and check out our review page.


Family Portraits have been another big specialty at Denis Photographers for many years, and a very important one. For many years, family portraits have been very an important part of the family’s history, and highly desired by ancestry researchers.

Some family portraits will actually be generational portraits. This may be three or four generations, including parents, children and grandchildren, and possibly great grandchildren. The more the merrier, but it also requires a much higher skill level in order to arrange everyone so they look good both individually and as a group. Denis is simply one of the best there is at doing this!

Psychologists write about how important it is for children when parents decorate their home with large wall portraits that build up a child’s self-esteem. With a family portrait, however, it also implies inclusion, and lets the children feel like they definitely belong in the family unit.

Yes, it’s a lot of planning to get everyone together, which is why the holidays are such a popular time for families to have us take their family portrait. We can come out to your home to capture your family in their natural setting with a background that will be meaningful to everyone. At many homes, we have also been able to take some outdoor portraits in the yard. We also go to special locations such as big hotels with a gorgeous lobby, especially when your family will all be getting together there. We have also taken families outdoors at a park. Depending upon how many people there are in your family group, we may be able to have your family come into our studio. Many times this is the most convenient option.

Get them together and we will help you keep them together. Call us and just do it. Time waits for no one.


When it comes to children, whether you are planning on newborn photography, baby photos, or special children’s portraits that capture your child before he or she grows up, there is no place more convenient that bringing them into our studio. The studio is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and much safer for the little ones.

Denis Photographers has photographed many children in our studio over the years. We love the challenge of capturing the little ones so much, that we will soon be offering children’s specials. In addition to our work, you will like the special prices, so check our website often for the announcements and the special prices.


Business Portraits at Denis Photographers is another specialty of ours. Whether you need an Executive Portrait to display in your company offices or a head and shoulders close-up portrait for the website, newsletter and business cards, our images will make you look better. Plus, our studio is very convenient to use.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

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