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Mikeal and Ross Officially Engaged!

Mikeal and Ross, Engagement Portrait in Peoria IL

When is the very best time to have Engagement Photography taken? As soon as her new Engagement ring has been slipped on her finger! After waiting many months to select a ring design, and waiting for her ring to be made, Mikeal had just received her new ring from Ross, and she was as excited as any newly engaged girl has ever been when we photographed their Engagement Portraits outdoors in Peoria. It was especially touching when they let me know that they had designed her ring using the diamond from Mikeal's late mother’s engagement ring.

The day that Mikeal and Ross picked was a beautiful sunny afternoon for some outdoor Engagement Photography in Peoria. It was one of the first warm days of spring; right after a very snow-filled winter had finally ended. It was great to enjoy the outdoors without coats for a change and photograph their Engagement Session. It was perfect for warm sweaters, and I was happy to see that after a convenient phone consultation, they came with colors that matched so closely.

The location for the photography in Peoria was the wooded area right next to Ross’s mom and dad’s home. This early in the Spring, the trees do not have leaves on them yet, but I was able to make the background work just the same by throwing the tree limbs out of focus. First, we started in the side yard next to the home. It has a slight incline to it, which made some various posing options available that you do not have with a flat yard. When either two people are the same height, or when one is taller than the other and the ground is too soft to be wearing high heels, and this was a boon.

Then, we walked to the back yard. There we took some more portraits using the swing set and ladder. It worked out great for posing them together.

Next, we walked to the wooded area just behind Ross's parents’ home, and took many more using the setting between all the trees. We tried a few typical poses of the two of them together. Then, the sun was getting lower in the sky, and I was able to take some with a sunset look and put them in a semi silhouette. Those photographs looked real romantic, I thought, with the sun naturally flaring behind them. This made for a real good variety, and you could not ask for better expressions of a young couple in love. Just take them as soon as possible once she has her ring!

If you are planning to pop the question and give your significant other an engagement ring, call us beforehand and arrange a time for some Fine Portrait Photography. You too can have beautiful portraits of you and your fiancé to cherish this time of your lives, just like Mikeal and Ross have. You will love how great our portraits will make you look! We can plan your Engagement Photography in Peoria, Champaign, Urbana, Bloomington, Normal, Springfield, Clinton, Pontiac, Naperville and Chicago as well as in our photography studio in Bloomington.

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Location: Peoria IL.