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Relaxed, sensitive approach to photographing your wedding

“Thank you, Denis! The pictures are absolutely fabulous. We just finished crying looking through them all! Thank you soooo much, we love the pictures! We’re so glad that you have captured our wonderful day so beautifully for us.”

-Heather DeCastris, Rockford, IL

Inclusive Coverage

Unlimited number of photographs are taken at your wedding. We cover your wedding like a snowstorm. Then we carefully spend hours selecting and processing your images, adjusting the images for color that is up to our high standards, and make full size unretouched jpeg files for you to keep for your personal use.

up to six continuous hours coverage with one photographer $2,500

up to eight hours continuous coverage with two photographers $3,500

up to ten hours continuous coverage with two photographers, $5,000

up to twelve hours continuous coverage with two photographers, $7,000

How many hours will you need to cover your wedding? That depends upon a couple of things. For example, how late would you like us to stay at your reception? Then, how early do want us to start? If you are not sure how many hours will be needed call or stop by our studio. We make a timeline for our wedding couples to help you plan your big day. It is included with our service and it is backed by forty years of experience.

Bound Books

Known for our regal bound wedding books that are elegant in every way. Every photograph for our books is carefully retouched and many are art enhanced with many hours of artwork. Prices start at $1,500 and up.

Engagement Photography

On location Engagement session, selection and processing images for color that is up to our high standards, and we make full size unretouched jpeg files for you to keep for your personal use. Travel fee may apply.
Price is good only after your wedding has been booked, $750.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are available for privacy-conscious clients. With a signed NDA, we will not display your photographs, disclose your names, or publicly discuss any information related to your event.

Standard fee, $1,000 Celebrities and Politicians, $2,000

The NDA fee requirement is waived for individuals in undercover law enforcement or similar positions upon prior request.

Retouched Bound Book Image Files

If you would like to own all of the retouched image files included in your bound wedding book, they’re available for purchase. The low-resolution versions are 1200 pixels on the longest side and are suitable for sharing on social media. Low-resolution album files, $200. Full size album files, $750.

RAW Originals

If you would like to own the original photographic files, we are one of the few photographers who will offer you the opportunity to have the RAW images from your wedding.

Most professional photographers have their cameras set to capture in RAW image format instead of jpeg format. With choosing RAW format, we use powerful computers with special software applications to make adjustments to the images instead of allowing our cameras to make complex processing decisions.

RAW image files have a .NEF or .CR2 filename extension and can only be viewed in special software created specifically for RAW files. RAW files do not have adjustments applied to them, and are thus known as having non-destructive file processing. They are not suitable for printing at amateur or professional color labs and cannot be posted on the Internet and viewed without further editing and conversion to a different file format.

With RAW files, we can change the color, exposure and many other settings, and because of their non-destructive processing, the original file is not negatively impacted. If those same changes were made to a jpeg original file, the overall image quality would suffer.

Once RAW files have been adjusted and calibrated, jpeg format files are processed from them. Those processed jpeg files are what we usually provide to clients. They represent our interpretation of the ideal image.

By purchasing RAW files, you’ll own the original image data. This will allow you to more easily manipulate your images both now and far into the future, especially as image processing software continues to improve. Since that data is highly malleable, you will never face the limitations inherent in adjusted jpeg files.

Add RAW original files to your coverage, for only the images included with your jpegs, $400

Add RAW original files to your coverage, for all the images including the discarded files, $750


This section provides detailed information about the products and services described in our pricing information.


The full size jpeg image files that represent your adjusted photographs are included with your wedding coverage. Those files are delivered in non-watermarked, high quality, full size jpeg format via a download link.


Selected photographs include images that reflect our best quality of work and represent the most important moments and people from your wedding. Adjustments include adjusting the color, modifying the exposure, adjusting the contrast, and cropping the images. Rejected images may include misfires, the flash not going off, duplicate or near-duplicate photographs, unflattering images, closed-eye images, out-of-focus pictures, images that reflect negatively on individuals, or photographs that do not meet our minimum standard for quality.


Availability for specific dates is on a first come, first served basis with a retainer of one third due at signing. Payment can be via cash or check from the bride or groom. Credit cards and debit cards are not acceptable for booking weddings, because it violates the VISA® and MasterCard® terms of service.

Pricing and policy information is subject to change any time without notice.

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