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A Boy, his Dog, his Truck, and one Big Boy

For Senior Pictures outdoors, the fall season with the beautiful gold and red leaves that we have here in Central Illinois is as gorgeous as it gets, and September and October are ideal.

Who says that boys cannot plan Senior Pictures? Even with a little help from a girlfriend, a sister or even mom, we are always here to help. Cory opted for an outdoor session where he could bring his dog and his truck for some photographs, too. He chose not to have any senior portraits taken in the studio.

It was one of those perfect October days that we set up to photograph Corey for his Senior Portraits. On the list of Corey's requests were his truck, and bringing your wheels is popular with not only many boys but some of the senior girls as well. Also popular with Senior Pictures for both senior boys and senior girls is bringing your dog, cat or your horse if you have one. Corey, however, also had something else in mind to include in addition to having his Senior Pictures with all of those. Of course, I did not find out until little later.

So we meet up at a park not far from the studio, Corey, myself, his truck, and his mom (just to handle the puppy dog, of course). We were all cool and good to go. We began by taking some Senior Portraits of Corey in different locations, by some trees, some on the ground and by some portraits by a bridge. In between various spots and backgrounds, I had Corey change into some of the different outfits that he brought along. After taking a good number of Senior Portraits of Corey, we have mom bring over his dog to pose for a few. With a medium to large size dog, the outdoors seems to be more natural of a location, and we had no problems getting some nice Senior Portraits with Corey and his dog, a handsome Siberian Husky.

As a surprise to Corey, I had mom wear something to co-ordinate with one of Corey’s outfits. Then, seemingly like I had just thought of it, I had mom get into a pose with Corey and his dog. All was fine.

This is something that I like to do as a surprise because I like to also take a few photographs of the senior with his or her mom. The moms are usually good with this, but it is unpredictable just how a senior will react, especially if notified ahead of time that we will be taking some with their mom. Most will be fine with the idea, but some may not. So, I like to not mention it to the student in advance. When it is treated like a spur of the moment idea, then the students are more receptive and most are glad to also have one photograph with their mom as long as it does not dominate the whole session. Moms seem to always be delighted with this idea.

Then we move on to what he was waiting for, photographing Corey with his gleaming bright red truck. Of course I included a few with his dog in his truck as well. It was a really good Senior Portrait Session.

Then, Corey tells me what he was really hoping to have, to my surprise. Corey had asked his uncle (his favorite uncle perhaps?) to bring his "Big Boy" to the park for some of his Senior Portraits. What is a "Big Boy" I asked in my naiveté, is it a Harley, is it like a Harley? No, I find out, a "Big Boy" is this completely custom built motorcycle that is built by only one specialty shop. After waiting a little bit near the end of Corey's session, here comes his uncle roaring up, riding his Big Boy. Corey was in Senior Heaven, and I was incredibly impressed with this AWESOME bike! No wonder Corey wanted his Senior Pictures on the Big Boy! This bike both sounded and looked incredible. It is in a league of it's own.

Capturing the favorites last, we photographed Corey in several spots with the Big Boy, and of course on the Big Boy. Just look at one of the Senior Portraits that we took with it. I am so thankful that I remembered to photograph a couple of Senior Pictures of Corey and his uncle with the Big Boy. It sure made Corey's day, and I am sure, his proud uncle as well. Mine too.

Do you have a special set of wheels that you would like some of your senior pictures taken with? Well, you have found the right photography studio for that. Give us a call to help you plan to make your senior portrait session really different.

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