Photographers Decatur IL, CILPP Program

Recently, Denis of Denis Photographers had the opportunity to attend the meeting of the Central Illinois Professional Photographers Association in Decatur, Illinois. Everyone in CILPP was really looking forward to this meeting because it was all about website Search Engine Optimization for photographers. This program gave CILPP members an opportunity to learn about this valuable online marketing tool from Gretchen and Trina of Left Right Labs. In today’s world, whether you have a store front or not, every business really needs to have an online presence. Prospects often look for products or services via web searches, so for a small business owner it’s crucial for a website to be easy to find, navigate, and really engage prospects and clients.

Gretchen and Katrina’s business, Left Right Labs, specializes in Targeted Design & Development, Custom Brand Identity and Creative Problem Solving. They offer both Web and Print media design and really stress the importance of branding to their clients. They love to offer tips and tricks to make your website more efficient and productive, and they are currently sharing a free download called “Secret Recipes To Increase Your Web Traffic” available on their home page. Definitely check out their website. They have a really diverse style and range of creativity and skill. To top it all off, Katrina and Gretchen are both incredibly friendly and personable, and made their presentation fun and light-hearted, which is not that easy with a technical topic like Search Engine Optimization – SEO!

This meeting really was beneficial for any small business owner and for those of us who wear multiple hats while running our business. It was a nice reminder of the importance of the little things and how they can make a huge impact on your business. Just to briefly touch on what was discussed, SEO is basically setting up your website to perform well so that you have the highest chance of being found in searches and keeping your clients engaged with your site. There are a lot of little things you can do to improve your search engine rankings, the most important of which is the content. Search engines like google can’t read photographs, so having really great copy is crucial for your website. They also told us about the importance of using and reading google analytics and why slow load times can damage SEO rankings.

Gretchen and Katrina shared a lot in a short timeframe. They truly did a fantastic job covering all the basics about what SEO is, on up to the more detailed info on how to improve our website’s performance to help find ideal clients. They also did a great job of explaining things for both the beginner web developer and the more seasoned website creator.

Great program and presentation, Gretchen and Katrina!


CILPPA April Meeting